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Spada Gallery

The Spada Gallery is housed in the Palace of the same name, once the property of Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro (1501-1559). After the death of Cardinal Capodiferro the Palace passed to the Mignanelli family and was then bought in 1632 by Cardinal Bernardino Spada (1594-1661), who, from the moment he took up residence, decided not only to set up the basis of an art collection, but also decided on a series of modificatios employing various painters, sculptors and architets. Among the latter was Francesco Borromini who created the famous Perspective Gallery.
The Gallery includes works of Gaspar Dughet, Guido Reni, Annibale Carracci, Jan Brueghel il Vecchio, etc.

J.Brueghel the Elder:
Landscape with Windmills

Address: Via Capodiferro,3