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The six proposed tours give an overall view of the city through the evolution of its monuments and art-works. For further information on a complete coverage of the sights, see more detailed guides. The beginning and end points of the tours are located at metro or bus terminals. Rome offers a wide variety of art-works. For a very short stay in the city we recommend the tour on ATAC bus 110 followed by the walking tour of your choice. Don't miss the view of the city from one of the many scenic view-points: St. Peter's dome, the Janiculum, the Pincio, the Aventino from where you can see the whole city, with the Tiber, the monuments, the domes and church towers which make it as the latin used to say, "the urbe (city) by definition".

Tour 1 Tour 2 Tour 3
Piazza Venezia
Bocca della Verità
Portico d'Ottavia
Isola Tiberina
Piazza Sonnino
Piazza del Popolo
Piazza Navona
Via Giulia
Piazza Farnese
Campo de' Fiori
Largo Argentina

Piazza di Spagna
Via Condotti
Piazza Colonna
Fontana di Trevi
Piazza Barberini
Piazza della Repubblica
Tour 4 Tour 5 Tour 6
San Giovanni
San Clemente
Villa Celimontana
Circo Massimo
San Paolo
Piazzale Ostiense
Via Ottaviano
San Pietro
Castel Sant'Angelo
Coronari S. Eustacchio
Largo Argentina
S.Paolo f.M.