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Villa Farnesina

The villa in Via della Lungara is well known in particular for the Renaissance building and the many works of arts it hosts. It was commisioned to Baldassarre Peruzzi at the beginning of the 16th century by Agostino Chigi from Siena who became treasurer of Pope Julius II. Agostino Chigi was a real patron of art and was surrounded by many artists amongst whom Raffaello, who designed the Lodge frescoes with scenes inspired by the myth of Love and Psyche. Raffaello painted also the Triumph of Galatea, a fresco which represents a nymph on a shell shaped chariot.
The villa fell into the hands of the Farnese family in 1580. Today it hosts the representation of the Lincei Academy and the Gabineto dei Disegni e delle Stampe (Department for Drawings and Prints).

Address: Via della Lungara